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Herbbotany Custom Herbal Oil Serum

Herbbotany Custom Herbal Oil Serum

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Do you need an oil more tailored to your individual needs? Our custom oil option allows just that. Combining different oils can create a synergy that enhances their individual properties. For example, some oils may have anti-inflammatory properties, while others may have antimicrobial or soothing effects.

Here are the top reasons I would encourage a custom blend.

Address Multiple Concerns: If you have various skin or health concerns, a custom blend can target multiple issues simultaneously. You can combine oils with different properties to address issues like dry skin, inflammation, and stress.

Control over Ingredients: When creating a custom blend, you have control over the ingredients.

Avoid Allergens or Sensitivities: Custom blending allows you to exclude oils that may trigger allergies or sensitivities, creating a product that is better suited to your individual requirements.

Holistic Wellness: Some custom blends are designed to promote overall well-being, combining oils that have physical, emotional, and mental health benefits.

Unique Product: A custom blend is a unique product that reflects your personal preferences and needs.

*All herbs are infused in Sunflower oil.

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